Welcome to ePALS!

ePALS is the world’s largest online classroom community because of our easy-to-use tools, innovative projects and, most importantly, our members.

Educators, parents and students of all ages use ePALS to:

  • safely meet using moderated discussion boards and password-protected chatrooms
  • contribute to international, multilingual, collaborative projects
  • create and use monitored email accounts to help keep inappropriate material from children
  • find partners and friends worldwide quickly and easily with our search tool
  • participate in special ePALS events, such as live chats – current members have met everyone from world leaders to Olympians to astronauts!
  • overcome language barriers with instant translation
  • take advantage of  resources offered by ePALS and our carefully chosen partners
  • discover new ways of bringing the curriculum – whatever the subject – to life

ePALS members connect with peers around the world, in ways that are both fun and educational. By engaging in projects and creating new friendships, ePALS can help young people learn more about their world.

To find out more about using ePALS as an educational resource, check out Teaching with ePALS. If you still want to learn more about ePALS, visit About Us. Of course, if you’ve heard all you need to, you can join now!

(If you’re looking to offer these kinds of resources and more to an entire school or district, consider ePALS SchoolMail – The Leading Solution for K-12 Student Safe Email!)

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